Baby in Black

Baby in Black

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Information About The Game: Baby in Black

Get ready to be mesmerized by the haunting atmosphere, vivid visuals and unforgettable soundtrack that will haunt your dreams in Baby in Black game. Imagine you're in an abandoned mansion, where whispers of an ancient curse still linger in the air. Your mission is to take care of an unruly and scary baby. Despite performing normal babysitting tasks like feeding and changing the baby's diaper, things took a turn for the worse when the baby started levitating and opening doors on his own.


You need to find the baby and find out what's going on in the haunted house. As you move through the strange corridors, you will encounter strange puzzles and bone-chilling challenges. Every step will bring you closer to the mysterious baby, whose cries echo throughout the haunted hallway. The game is filled with evil spirits that you have to deal with while taking care of the virtual baby. The lights in the haunted house are not working properly, you must turn them on and find the baby before evil spirits haunt you in the dark.

How To Play: Baby in Black Game

WASD keys and Mouse to move and interact or use touch controls


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