Evil Neighbor

Evil Neighbor

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Information About The Game: Evil Neighbor

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Welcome to the secret-filled world of Evil Neighbor, a thrilling and creepy game that will test your courage and wits. This is a first-person escape game with horror elements. Imagine that you are kidnapped and trapped by your neighbor and his wife who are referred to as Evil. You need to explore the whole house and act secretly to find items that will help you escape from this evil neighbor.


How to get rid of Evil Neighbor


Evil Neighbor puts you in a tense game of cat and mouse with your evil neighbor. You will find yourself moving through a maze of secret corridors, solving complex puzzles and overcoming cunning traps set by your neighbors. Every step you take is potentially dangerous, as your archenemy is always one step ahead, lurking around every corner, ready to hinder your progress.


The game adds complexity by requiring the evil neighbor not to stay in one place - he moves around the house and reacts to noise. Hide carefully as soon as you feel a neighbor approaching if you don't want to be attacked and caught again. As soon as the neighbor leaves, you must quickly and carefully search every corner for items or hints that will lead you to the way out. With unpredictable item locations and multiple escape routes, the game emphasizes exploration and creative thinking. This Evil Neighbor game offers multiple paths and options for each mission, providing an exciting and truly scary gaming experience.

How To Play: Evil Neighbor Game

WASD or arrow keys = move
Move mouse = look around
E = take item / use item
G = drop item
Space = use slingshot / get out of the card box
M = pause menu
H = hint


About of Hello Neighbor

When moving to a new area, players realize that their neighbors have dark secrets. The main character decides to dig into his neighbor's building to uncover mysteries and solve puzzles. However, the neighbors will not stop watching and hindering them. But through intelligence and courage, players will solve all the puzzles and find the truth behind "Hello Neighbor". Let's explore the game together.