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Information About The Game: Snake IO

History Of Snake IO Game


Snake IO is the most modern version of the classic Snake game - one of the most famous titles in gaming history. This game takes you on an epic adventure in a world where snakes reign supreme. Snake was introduced in 1997 and was programmed into the Nokia 6110 phone. Snake has been embedded into 350 million personal Nokia phones with millions of people around the world playing Snake and trying to outdo their friends. them with a new high score.


In 2021, there has been an explosion of Snake game videos on the social media platform Tik Tok. In their Tik Tok live feature, content creators garnered millions of views by showing off their Snake gaming skills. This brought a whole new generation of gamers interested in Snake. When you join you will not encounter latency issues or performance issues caused by your internet connection. Play wherever and whenever you like.




You start as a small, harmless snake with big dreams of becoming the biggest and most powerful snake in the game. To achieve that, try to collect as much food as possible to grow your pet. Wander around to collect food, the more food you consume, the longer and bigger your snake becomes.


To be able to quickly get food, you can attack other snakes using the push booster to go faster and get ahead of other snakes to defeat them when they hit you head on , no matter how small or big you are. When snakes die, they leave behind a large amount of food. Collecting all of this food is the fastest way for you to grow stronger. However, other snakes can also do the same thing to you, so be careful and don't crash into other snakes. Be careful! One wrong move and your journey could come to an abrupt end.

How To Play: Snake IO Game

Move mouse / WASD / arrow keys = move
Hold left-click / space = go faster


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