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Run 3

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Information About The Game: Run 3

Survive the space tunnel with Run 3


Welcome brave adventurers to the magical universe of Run 3. The game belongs to the best free-running genre that challenges players of all ages. Here you can unleash more frenetic action than before and there's nothing better than taking control of an out-of-this-world alien and rushing through tunnels into deep space.


The game impresses players with its simple design, with only one character and a tunnel with many holes. The player's task is to control the character running quickly in the tunnel while avoiding holes and safely surviving for the longest time. Space traps are set up anywhere, if you fall into them, your character will be thrown into space and the race will start all over again. The basement in the game is endless and divided into different levels with gradually increasing difficulty. You can use those levels to challenge your friends.


Gameplay in Run 3


The biggest challenge in Run 3 is learning how to chart a safe path. That means trying to keep an eye on what's ahead in all four dimensions and choosing a path that you think is safest. Because you're in outer space, your ability to overturn gravity gives you a lot of different options. There are sustainable tunnels that you can run through, but there are tunnels that will collapse as soon as you set foot in them, so sometimes you will have to make consecutive jumps to avoid falling. deep hole.


The difficulty of the game will increase constantly, From a large tunnel with small holes in it to long brick platforms that you need to jump over and even levels with black bricks that you cannot visible, it is you who can take advantage of the unique abilities of different characters to overcome obstacles to achieve a new one. Are you confident in your skills to observe, reflect, and strategize for a safe path? With incredible space-themed background music, this Run 3 game becomes very addictive and can give you an exciting experience.

How To Play: Run 3 Game

Arrows to move
Space or Up arrow to jump
R to reset
P to pause the game


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