My Friendly Neighborhood

My Friendly Neighborhood

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Information About The Game: My Friendly Neighborhood

Explore the dark cemetery and experience fierce battles with zombies in the My Friendly Neighborhood game. You play the character Pumpkin who is trapped in a dark cemetery where zombies are coming to life. They have weapons and rush at you without control, they attack immediately when they get close to you. The number of resurrected zombies is increasing and they rush to attack you from all sides around you, even coming to life from the ground right under your feet. Will you be able to destroy them all in time with the limited number of bullets?

How To Play: My Friendly Neighborhood Game

Use YOUR MOUSE to shoot. Aim accurately and don't waste any bullets because you only have 45 bullets. However, don't worry too much, after you destroy the zombies, they will leave behind rewards that can be bullets or mines. Collect those rewards quickly to strengthen your weapons.


About of Hello Neighbor

When moving to a new area, players realize that their neighbors have dark secrets. The main character decides to dig into his neighbor's building to uncover mysteries and solve puzzles. However, the neighbors will not stop watching and hindering them. But through intelligence and courage, players will solve all the puzzles and find the truth behind "Hello Neighbor". Let's explore the game together.