Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime

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Information About The Game: Poppy Playtime

Plot in Poppy Playtime


If you're looking for a horror game that has intense puzzle and chase gameplay and will trick you with bright, adorable graphics, you definitely can't miss Poppy Playtime. This is an extremely tense and exciting chase puzzle horror game played from a first-person perspective that many gamers love. Not filled with horror and scares, this game is extremely dramatic with chases and interesting puzzles.


The player will play the role of a former employee and you are trapped in a toy manufacturing company. Here, the Player sees no colleagues and the factory seems abandoned. After that, the Player will have to explore the abandoned toy factory to find out what happened to the employees.


Player's mission


You'll have to start gathering more clues to find more information about what's going on at this factory. Efforts to find and rescue employees in his old company. However, to be able to do this, players will be forced to complete side tasks such as solving puzzles scattered throughout the search process. Each puzzle the player solves will help you get closer to the answer in the game.


During the search, the player will discover that Huggy Wuggy, the large humanoid character that serves as the company's mascot, is alive and has become out of control. It has become a hairy monster with a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. If unfortunately you are discovered by the monster, you can only run away and try to cut off its tail. When you get caught, you will end the game immediately.

How To Play: Poppy Playtime Game

Use the mouse to play!


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