Amanda The Adventure

Amanda The Adventure

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Information About The Game: Amanda The Adventure

In the action-packed adventure called Amanda The Adventure Game, players will be taken on a journey through challenging levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and treasures waiting to be discovered. Join Amanda and her best friend Wooly on a series of adventures as they explore and learn about the wonderful and mysterious world. Experience an engaging story, solve challenging puzzles, and uncover the dark secrets of this disturbing simulator.


Dive into the mysteries in Amanda The Adventure


Amanda the Adventurer seems like a simple game with understandable motivations. However, the game gets complicated when you have to solve puzzles and mini-games to uncover the basic plot. Featuring a classic design with low-polygon 3D graphics and solid colors, the game successfully recreates the aesthetic of early consoles, attracting players nostalgic for the genre.


In this game, players will play the character Riley Park and start exploring Aunt Kate's house after inheriting it. He found a collection of VHS tapes and was curious to open them. At first glance, Amanda seems to be an ordinary cartoon character for young audiences; A kind, sweet girl who helps viewers make the right choices. However, the more episodes Riley watches, the more aggressive and sinister Amanda becomes. If Riley upsets Amanda enough, a creature believed to be her monstrous form will appear at Riley's house, where she proceeds to kill them.


Solve puzzles to escape Amanda's clutches


You will have to watch five tapes of Amanda's adventures. You may have noticed that the character will occasionally ask you questions. And she will never accept an answer that does not match her expectations. These challenging mysteries require some sharp attention to everything that happens in the video and some players may have missed the clues hidden in the tape so pay close attention and remember them carefully. What did you look at to correctly answer the question? Players have the opportunity to review the tape whenever desired, so don't worry if you miss key information. Important codes and secrets may be inside each tape. Use your intelligence, creativity, and thinking ability and quickly find the most suitable solution to escape this maze game!

How To Play: Amanda The Adventure Game

Click on the tape you want to watch to open it
Observe and remember every detail you are looking at
Listen to the question
Enter your answer in the box below.


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