Baldi's Basics Classic

Baldi's Basics Classic

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Information About The Game: Baldi's Basics Classic

Baldi's Basics Classic - a new perspective on horror games


Baldi's Basics Classic is inspired by scary/bad edutainment games from the 90s, and is a game that brilliantly combines horror and educational elements in a thrilling and demanding game. to ensure the character's survival at school. It offers unique gaming experiences that challenge players' mathematical proficiency and strategic acumen in terrifying scenarios.


When participating in Baldi's Basics Classic game, you will go to a school that is unlike any other school and it seems that you are stuck in this abandoned school. It will be just you and the spine-chilling experience of defeating a strict and cruel teacher named Baldi. Move through the strange halls to retrieve the scattered notebooks and escape Baldi's clutches and sometimes you will have to solve difficult puzzles and math problems to find hints to the location of the books . Do you have the skills to complete the puzzles while avoiding being grabbed by the evil teacher Baldi?


Gameplay in Baldi's Basics Classic


You will have to wander around the school looking for mysterious notebooks that are hidden. Over time, Baldi will increase in speed, but each time you successfully solve problems in a notebook, Baldi's speed will slow down. The longer you can keep up his speed, the more notebooks you'll collect! Learning to use Baldi's friends to your advantage, wisely managing items found in the school, and remembering the layout of Baldi's school are all keys to success!


Throughout your progress in the game, you have plenty of items that you can find and use to your advantage, but Baldi also has friends that can cause you trouble if you're not careful. And remember, Baldi hears every noise you make, so try to stay quiet and be careful with every move.


The game has two exciting modes— Story and Endless —each with its own challenges.


Story mode: you have to collect 7 notebooks and then escape from the school to win. The more notebooks you collect, the faster Baldi will become! Simple but challenging.

Endless mode: this mode has no limits. It's a challenge to see how many notebooks you can collect before being caught by Baldi.

How To Play: Baldi's Basics Classic Game

WASD to move
Click to interact


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