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Miss Delight

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Information About The Game: Miss Delight

Plot in Miss Delight game


Miss Delight will take players into a tense chase in the classroom. Participating in this role-playing game, players will have to confront a menacing villain named Miss Delight among the strange halls of a school setting. This is the secondary antagonist in Deep Sleep , the third chapter of the 2021 indie horror video game Poppy Playtime. Miss Delight emerges as a new menacing character with a distinctive character design that matches Poppy Playtime's eerie aesthetic. Her concept adds a layer of unpredictability to the game's villain roster.


Initially, Miss Delight has a cheerful, feminine yet authoritative personality. She is kind and friendly to everyone and students in this school. She was one of eight teachers at Playcare school who were left behind locked doors. Soon after, her sisters stopped providing her with food. This leads her to go crazy and kill everyone to consume them. And unfortunately, you are the one stuck in this school. If you encounter Miss Delight, she will attack you immediately. Can you find a way out of this school in a tense and suspenseful situation with Miss Delight's hidden supervision?


Instructions for Defeating Miss Delight at Poppy Playtime


Miss Delight, as a former teacher, is exceptionally intelligent, even if her mental and psychological state deteriorates, so dealing with and escaping her is not at all easy. Luckily, however, players can defeat Miss Delight with just a little strategy and practice.


The good news is that Miss Delight also has certain weaknesses related to light sources. She will aggressively move towards the player when the lights are off but will freeze as soon as the lights come on or when you stare at her. Looking at this particular character makes her unable to move, unless you are too close, which will cause her to attack you immediately.


Your goal in this section is to open the gates by charging the wall buttons while avoiding Miss Delight. To connect all the nodes, you will have to run through most of the hidden hallways in the school. Look for any paths that might not be obvious to you (like holes or vents) and go through them to reach hidden circuits by solving puzzles. These puzzles are some of the most challenging in the game, requiring players to think quickly and understand exactly where to go. The answers you answer correctly will help you gain more time and find an escape route.


When you enter the final room, Miss Delight will chase you even while you're looking at her. You have to run straight forward until you can't go any further, then look to the left to find a lever. Pull it and you are free!


This section is one of the most difficult battles in Poppy Playtime, so don't be discouraged if you die once or twice and have to try again. You should be able to beat it after a few tries by memorizing the correct paths and using the above strategies. Good luck in this stressful escape!


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