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Information About The Game: Narrow One

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Welcome to Narrow One, a fast-paced, tactical multiplayer 3D archer game where you can battle players around the world with your bow and arrow. In this game, you will participate in an ancient arena, where weapons are simply bows and arrows. You will not be alone in the Narrow One war, you will have your teammates. Your entire team will work to keep your teammates safe from enemies while building appropriate strategies to explore different maps and find hidden flags.


When a group finds all three of its flags, that group will win. Additionally, to prevent the opponent from winning first, you can steal the opposing team's flag, however, this is a dangerous action so you need to be very careful. Organize expeditions into opposing terrain to try to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base while protecting your side and preventing players from the other team from capturing your team's flag.


Impressive points in Narrow One


This Narrow One game challenges participants to master bow and arrow skills, defend strongholds, and capture enemy flags with teammates to win. Experience the thrill of exploration across a variety of maps, each with secrets to uncover.


The game's 3D graphics and team-oriented gameplay provide an inspiring adventure that enhances precision and strategic thinking. As participants delve deeper into the game, they will notice the attention to detail and emphasis on fostering a cooperative atmosphere where strategy and skill are key factors between teammates. team together.




17 different unique maps including castles, fortresses, alleys, towers, and more.

6 different arcs. with custom interface

More than 50 different melee weapons

Capture and defend flags while dodging enemy arrows.

Invite your friends to join the fun with a simple invite code

Create fresh looks using extensive character customization

How To Play: Narrow One Game

Move - WASD keys

Shoot - Hold and release the left mouse button

Mobile controls - Use the touch indicator on your screen


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