Clown Nights

Clown Nights

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Information About The Game: Clown Nights

Plot content


Clown Nights is a horror game inspired by Five Night At Freddy's where you will have to try to survive various terrifying nights. You have a new job at the circus and you have to work 7 night shifts, which is when the circus characters stop being friendly. Even when they are smiling, their smiles are quite ugly. remote and eerie. They seem to be out of control, wandering everywhere and ready to attack anyone they meet. Check the security cameras to make sure nothing strange is happening - and as soon as you discover there's a scary clown out there, close the door immediately to prevent their attack.


Style play


Clown Nights horror game about scary clowns has been designed for players who love to take risks and do some adventurous work. You have to be very alert and smart to escape from enemies. Surviving 7 terrifying nights is difficult and requires you to be patient and highly focused. Your limited electrical power makes it difficult for you to use cameras, lights, and door-locking systems continuously. Only really open it when you need it. You can listen to the sound to know when clowns are approaching, thereby making a quick decision to close the door to prevent their intrusion and attack. Watch the cameras and as soon as they leave, you can open the door to save energy for the long hours until 6 am. Wishing you excellent completion of your mission for these 7 consecutive nights!


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