Scary Baby Yellow

Scary Baby Yellow

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Information About The Game: Scary Baby Yellow



Welcome into a world full of fear and mystery with Scary Baby Yellow, a thrilling and scary game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a scary horror game about a baby in a yellow shirt. It's a very adorable baby, but he hides many secrets. He lives in a haunted house. He is waiting for his guests. His house is full of scary sounds and creepy cries!


When participating in the game, you will become a babysitter with seemingly simple jobs but are actually very complicated and dangerous because this yellow boy is not like all other normal children. The Baby in Yellow tends to trap his babysitters in the dimension known as Carcosa after babysitting and tries to do the same in the present. He also doesn't hesitate to transform into a monstrous form just to capture his babysitter so they can stay in Carcosa forever.


To avoid that, quickly complete all the assigned tasks in each section and other tasks you receive before time runs out, and most importantly, when the Baby in the Yellow Shirt appears and starts chasing and haunting you, make sure to escape from it otherwise you will be caught.


Style play


Throughout the 8 chapters of the Scary Baby Yellow game, this scary baby must be well fed, bathed and most importantly, allowed to play. On-screen instructions on what to do next are shown to you in text, so follow them to complete each task and avoid keeping baby docile. As the game progresses, missions will be continuously updated. Other than soothing the baby, the game has no points or rewards. This allows you to test the limits of the game, you can continue to ignore the demands of taking care of the baby until it reveals its true self. That is when you will have to face the child's anger, be careful! The path to victory is fraught with danger, and one wrong move can cause disaster. Will you have what it takes to conquer your fears and win, or will you succumb to the horrors that lurk in the darkness?

How To Play: Scary Baby Yellow Game

To move, you use WASD
To run, hold down the shift key while doing so
Use the mouse to look around
Use F key to open the door


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