MineWorld Horror The Mansion

MineWorld Horror The Mansion

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Information About The Game: MineWorld Horror The Mansion

If you are a player who likes exploration and survival games, MineWorld Horror The Mansion game will definitely keep you excited and nervous for hours. In this first-person survival game, you must discover the horrifying secrets hidden behind while finding a way to survive and escape a wasteland full of dangerous zombies.


Game content


As the story begins, strange things are happening in the strange MineWorld mansion located outside the city. Your goal is to check the house and investigate while waiting for backup to arrive. You enter the mansion knowing nothing, only knowing that you need to search for the missing crew. Then you realize the zombies are waking up, they rush in quickly to attack you. The mansion is filled with zombies and zombie animals, you must shoot them before they can hurt you.


Overcome many zombies to find keys, open secret rooms to find out what is hidden inside MineWorld Horror The Mansion. You will find messages written by someone that helps you understand the situation. Someone wanted to create an elixir of life but instead created a deadly zombie virus that allows zombies to wake up again even after they are killed.


Once you understand the problem, you can enter a new location to continue searching for the crew. Lead everyone to escape together from this house full of dangers and death that is always lurking.




Take your time to explore every hidden room, hallway, and passageway. You never know what valuable items or important clues you might find.

Shoot the enemies in this 2D rendered mansion and don't let yourself be eaten.

There will be different types of monsters chasing you in each level, so stay alert and keep your trigger finger ready.

The game has six weapon types, two melee and four ranged.

Ammo, first aid kits and keys can be found in the mansion's rooms scattered around.

How To Play: MineWorld Horror The Mansion Game

Mouse 1: fire weapon
Mouse 2: raise sights
WASD = move
Mouse = aim/shoot
Left Shift: sprint
Left Ctrl: crouch
Space = jump
C: toggle camera mode
X: prone
F: use item
R: Reload
H: holster weapon
G: throw a grenade
T: enter bullet time
Esc or Tab: Pause


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