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Moto X3M

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Information About The Game: Moto X3M

Are you ready for a crazy motorcycle racing adventure? Come to the Moto X3M, where speed, acrobatics and extreme obstacles combine to create an emotional racing experience like no other. Climb on your motorbike, put on your helmet and gain some time over obstacles to beat the clock on amazing off-road tracks.
Moto X3M game offers over 100 challenging levels, each designed with unique landscapes and obstacles to keep the game interesting and unpredictable. Although most of the levels are easy, it can be very difficult to master the level and surpass the peak moment. The controls in the Game are simple and intuitive, making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy the game. Players can earn up to three stars per level based on how quickly they complete the game.


In Moto X3M, you will experience many different terrains such as coastlines, mountains or tunnels. Be careful of steep slopes, deep holes filled with spikes and saw blades along your way. When performing jumps or somersaults over obstacles, you must pay attention to maintaining good balance if you do not want to fall on the track. Run at full speed, show off your skills to collect all three stars.

How To Play: Moto X3M Game

Press Space to play
Up arrow to accelerate
Down arrow to slow down
Left/right arrows to adjust balance


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