No Passport

No Passport

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Information About The Game: No Passport

Welcome to No Passport, a thrilling game of strategy, wit and deception. In this game, you play as a security guard monitoring cameras at the airport. As usual, you are closely monitoring security cameras to keep order at the airport when you suddenly discover a murder suspect to steal the passport of an innocent tourist. He was hiding in the crowd and looking for an opportunity to sneak onto the plane with the newly stolen Passport. Stop him immediately! You've got his facial recognition, grab your handcuffs and TASER gun and get ready to scour the major airport in search of the criminal. Open your eyes wide, observe carefully each person who appears before your eyes, if you see anything similar to the criminal and you are sure it is the criminal, take him down immediately. However, be very careful because you are in the middle of the airport, there are too many innocent people and if you look and catch the wrong person, the game will end. Be careful with each shot you shoot to avoid accidentally shooting innocent people. You have 3 tries and 40 seconds to complete your mission, faced with this serious mission, are you ready to challenge your talent as a security guard in No Passport game?

How To Play: No Passport Game

Carefully observe the identity of the Passport thief, remembering features such as his hat, hair, eyes, nose, and mouth.
As soon as you see him, stay close and take him out with your gun.

WASD – Move the character
LMB – Use the tazer gun
ENTER – Pause the game
ESC – Close the game
ALT – unlock the mouse



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