Hello Neighbor Puzzle

Hello Neighbor Puzzle

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Information About The Game: Hello Neighbor Puzzle

If Hello Neighbor gives you the thrill of having to fight against a dangerous neighbor to escape him, then in this version of Hello Neighbor Puzzle, you will face a completely different challenge. There is no running or chasing, in Hello Neighbor Puzzle game, your task is to discover the separate puzzle pieces, calculate logic and put them together to form the most complete picture. 

This game has many equivalent paintings with many different painting themes for you to choose from. Each theme will have 4 different levels: 16 puzzle pieces, 36 puzzle pieces, 64 puzzle pieces and 100 puzzle pieces. When choosing a level, the more pieces there are, the more difficult the game will be, so please consider!

How To Play: Hello Neighbor Puzzle Game

You must choose a painting from the collection and study it for a while. It will then be broken into small jumbled pieces. Now, you need to restore the original image as quickly as possible.


About of Hello Neighbor

When moving to a new area, players realize that their neighbors have dark secrets. The main character decides to dig into his neighbor's building to uncover mysteries and solve puzzles. However, the neighbors will not stop watching and hindering them. But through intelligence and courage, players will solve all the puzzles and find the truth behind "Hello Neighbor". Let's explore the game together.