Happy Room

Happy Room

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Information About The Game: Happy Room

Entertain yourself with Happy Room


Welcome to the Happy Room game, where you can indulge in your craziest experiments and indulge your most destructive tendencies. This unique facility offers a variety of tools and weapons for you to test out on an unlucky dummy. You can proceed to test every weapon you have to torment a dummy. Intense and consecutive attacks allow you to vent your frustrations and satisfy your curiosity in a safe and controlled environment.




In this  Happy Room game, you'll find yourself in a laboratory where human clones are being tested under some pretty harsh conditions. As a mad scientist, it's your job to find new and spectacular ways to 'test' your subjects. You do this by placing various traps and weapons in the test chamber and trying to cause as much damage as possible to your test dummy. Use knives, bombs, guns and even black holes to calculate the destructive force and endurance of the dummy, thereby knowing the damage the weapons impact on its body.

How To Play: Happy Room Game

Select an attack weapon in the horizontal bar below the screen

Place the weapon below where the dummy will fall

Press the Start button

The more the dummy is attacked, the higher your score will be.


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